• Dedicated Freight

  • At Step It Up Logistics Inc., our dedicated fleet service is like having your own in-house trucking fleet without the liability and expense of maintain a fleet of trucks. With dedicated transport shipping services , you can avoid complex logistics problems, rising costs of transportation equipment, and be flexible to scale your fleet based on your current shipping needs.

    At Step It Up Logistics Inc., our dedicated freight services can be tailored to fit your company’s needs and take care of your high-capacity, high-volume shipping that requires the entire available space of a truck.

    Any logistics company can move freight from place to place,  what truly matters to Step It Up Logistics Inc. is the manner in which your order was taken, the attention to detail as the load is being moved, and the on-time, courteous delivery of your freight. It’s our employees who make the difference. From the receptionists to the dispatchers to the drivers…everyone knows the crucial roles they play in making us a successful, dedicated freight transportation services and logistics management business.

    You can count on Step It Up Logistics Inc. dedicated freight services. We offer dedicated and customized less than truckload shipment service and a cost-effective solution to your freight needs.