• Refrigerated Freight

  • Our trucks are designed to properly cool and refrigerate your shipment to minimize or eliminate produce and product loss. Our quick delivery minimizes economic losses and reduces your operating expenses.

    Step It Up Logistics Inc. delivers temperature-sensitive shipments in an efficient and timely manner, and this in turn, increases profitability, reduces costs and liabilities, improves quality, and promotes consumer and customer satisfaction. We have the capability to haul fresh produce, meat and frozen foods, as well as dry goods.

    Whether you are shipping frozen, deep-frozen, refrigerated products or produce or temperature-controlled confectionary or baked goods, Step It Up Logistics Inc. will:

    • Ship in trucks that are designed to properly cool or refrigerate your shipment
    • Minimize or eliminate produce or product loss with quick delivery
    • Minimize economic losses and reduce your operating expenses
    • Quickly deliver perishable products to reduce costly dock, storage and shelf time
    • Strive to reduce loading and unloading delays
    • Provide specialized handling, when needed
    • Work tirelessly to prevent health and food-safety violations and fines